Skill Development Initiative Scheme

There are so many discussions about Skill development. Not only in the big countries, but also in the developing countries, such as India, skill development becomes the concern. India government has been aware of the importance of skill development, especially for a major priority for socio economic development of India. What is Skill Development Initiative Scheme for India?

Well, it is actually the best means of converting the demographic of India to an asset for the development itself. Furthermore, it is used to sustain the growth rate. And there is one thing about Skill Development Initiative used by India. It is that to make India aware or responding to global need of the skilful manpower. Also, SDIS or Skill Development Initiative Scheme has contribution on the reduction of poverty and inequality.

About SDIS in India


In 2008, the government of India launched what is called as SDIS. The aim of this program is training one million people on the demand and driven vocational skills in more than five years. Not only that, it is also to train one million for each year after the program in order to support certification, skill trainings, as well as upgrade in the sector which is not organized. Under this kind of initiative, the DGET/MOLE undertakes the implementation and development of strategic training home work which is known as MES or Modular Employable Skills. It is used to cater to the school drop as well as the existing workers, especially the ones focused on informal economy.

Talking about Skill Development Initiative is also related to MES which was actually developed in the close consultation with some micro enterprises and industry in the sector which is not yet organized. Not only that, it is also with the consultation with some experts, academics, and state governments. What is good about MES is that it will offer some flexibility on the vocational training’s provision for people who have limited skills and education and for those who can’t afford to be far away from the employment for such a long time.

Another good thing about skill development programme combined with Modular Employable Skills or MES is that it will provide certification and testing of existing skills of person. It happens because the SID scheme itself will provide one mechanism of the third party assessments of the trainers which is put under the framework of MES through the DGET Assessment Bodies which is empanelled and it leads to the NCVT certifications which have national recognitions of India itself.

Skill Development Initiative Scheme has an objective as well to build capacity in some areas of the development of the competency standards, learning materials, assessment in some countries, and course curricula. And people must understand that the SDIS-MES has achieved some important points. One of them is that it’s been very much popular among industry and youth. The scheme is actually targeted to the workers of some early unorganized sectors and school leavers among other that is used to increase the skill level they have and the employability they might have.

Description: Skill Development Initiative Scheme produced by India Government has a very good aim since it will solve the problem of unemployment and poverty in developing country.

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