One of the computer’s key components is its memory and it is calculated in megabytes. It is important to know that 1000 MB gives us 1GB (gigabyte) which means that with added megabytes, your computer functions better. These days, the least amount of RAM one can get is about 512MB, but ideally, for better functionality, one should go for computers with at least 1GB of RAM or more.

MY RECOMMENDATION: when getting a computer, get one with at least a Ram of 1GB in order for it to function well. In essence, the bigger the RAAM, the more efficient the machine itself.

TIP: Instead of a computer with a higher memory, you can buy one with the minimum requirement (1GB) and then proceed to buy memory sticks, separately which will boost the computer’s memory. This should save you a substantial amount of money.

WARNING: Low-level computers come with low RAM for good reason. It is important to find out what your computer can do, and if it will be compatible with added RAM before going ahead to purchase the memory sticks.


This is the brains of the computer and handles the calculations. Users who are usually bothered about CPU speed are the gamers and multimedia users. You can either have an Intel or AMD CPU. Both are good products although Intel is more expensive as most of the market shares are controlled by it.

MY RECOMMENDATION: There are two forms of CPU namely, the 32-bit kind and the 64-bit kind. Personally, I would suggest 32-bit because of problems which the 64-bit is known to have with software programs.

Also, Dual Core processors are widely popular now. Having a Dual Core Processor just means you have two CPUs working on the computer which means your machine will compute twice as fast.


This is the storage unit of the computer and holds all your personal data like documents, videos, programs and so on. These storage units are available in a variety of sizes and speeds as well.

The storage size is usually measured in GB and the least you will usually find is about 80GB.

RECOMMENDATION: A hard drive of about 120GB and a speed of about 5400 rpm is ideal.

TIP: One computer can function using 2 hard drives. This happens in two ways. Both hard drives can work together thereby giving you double the amount of storage, or conversely, one of the hard drives merely contains a copy of the other one, so if any failure occurs, you still have a clone to fall back to.


These have to do with the graphics your computer displays. When selecting video chipsets, you are given two options.

1.) A video card can be integrated with your computer’s motherboard. This is the best option for the average computer user.

2.) Video cards which give you amazing graphics that can be gotten from NVIDIA and ATI. Gamers should get cards from NVIDIA or ATI for a great gaming experience.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Visit the websites of both companies and choose from the collection of video cards.  Higher model numbers mean better video cards.

With all that, you now know the basic things to watch out for when buying a computer. Have fun buying the computer of your dreams.