Rumours and Prediction the New Product from Apple in 2017

We can say that Apple is a company which new products are always interesting to know, even though the information is nothing more than rumors. With the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 are already released, and the new Apple latest iPod in the horizon, now we can start to ponder the latest product from Apple for the following year.  Well, without further ado, let’s start our discussion about the predictions and rumors regarding the upcoming product design Apple especially for 2017!

Apple Products 2017

1 ) iPad


With no new Apple iPad released back in 2015, it is not surprising if the fans are getting impatient to see the updates for iPad Air. Even so, we have heard that there will be the new iPad Pro to replace the iPad Air lineup. Meanwhile, any update for a possible iPad Air 3 is rumored to feature a faster processor, 3D touch, and better camera, thus making the Air 2 as the last one from its family line.

2 ) Apple TV


Rumors say that the latest product from Apple will also include a new Apple TV with a streaming service to compete Netflix, exclusive only for Apple TV. Even so, until now, such rumor still has not come true yet. It is said that there is still no agreements reached yet regarding that issue, or the company probably prefers to focus on the app structure first in order to providing Apple’s own streaming services through an app. However, there’s no rumor regarding the hardware for Apple TV.

3 ) MacBook


Talking about the latest rumors regarding latest product from Apple, especially Macs, you may quickly talk about Mac Pro. Well, this lineup is indeed due a refresh since it still has no any update starting from its launch back in 2013. Hence, we can always expect that Apple will finally update its Mac Pro lineup. It’s said that the company is waiting for the new Broadwell chips set to launch this year, or probably integrating Skylake. Meanwhile, the same rumor is still associated with MacBook Air: Retina display. Even so, there are also some who think that the company is thinking about retiring the MacBook Air lineup.

4 ) Software and Services


With iOS 10 is already released this year along with the release of iPhone 7, we can already see the new features the new iOS offers.  Meanwhile, for macOS Sierra, it now offers Siri and Apple Pay, in addition to an ability to unlock a Mac with a paired Apple Watch in addition to various features for storage optimization.

But when it comes to services offered by Apple, we can say that Apple Music is one of those that will inevitably expand. It is mostly due to the availability of Apple Music now on Android, thus it definitely allows the company to reach a wider customer range. Rumors also mention about an enhancement in Apple Music service, featuring a better and higher resolution of quality audio—it is said to be up tp 96kHz/24-bit. Even so, how it will turn out finally following the removal of the old 3.5mm headphone jack for the new iPhone 7, we will need more clues dropped.

Description: Latest product from Apple for 2017 is always interesting news to follow, even though it will be nothing more than predictions and rumors, especially after the release of iOS 10 and iPhone 7.

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