7 Barcelona Team Collaboration Skills That We Can Application in the Workplace


Teamwork skills are the ability of two or more people in expressing his ideas. It later has jointly agreed to achieve some specific goals. Collaboration is important especially in the workplace. Collaboration can be filled with a variety activities as already mentioned earlier, namely thinking and brainstorming ideas to solve a problem, create a shared vision and mission, and equal participation in the making process of the project. Thus, it takes a certain skill that could help as implemented in one of the famous football club, Barcelona FC.

7 Adopted Teamwork Skills from Barcelona FC Style


The tiki-taka style of soccer will be a reference to build teamwork skills in the workplace. Tiki-taka style was originally a style where all players attack and defend simultaneously to the opponent. It is implemented to the first teamwork qualities as all members contributing together to win the competition in the business. To promote the company’s name, a solid teamwork should be presented in performing tasks and together to achieve goals.

Tiki-taka then changed its strategy by using swarm intelligence. It is a way in which each person independently gathers information and processes it to be shared in the social interaction. This can be the second team development. The third is to create a common vision, in a teamwork not only win a competition but also pride, develop skills, and become passionate in a certain field just like the game of football. It is also related to what can we learn from the process to be the winner.

The fourth design skill is flexible roles. It means an open play system is used in the teamwork. It is about being open and held a discussion among members about changing the strategy for winning competition with another company by making less predictable movements to hardly guess by the other competitors. Be assured that our enemy is the other companies of our own colleagues. The fifth teamwork ability is being a teacher, not a boss. Find out what is best for the team. Support each other and pay attention to how each member to proceed in a way of educating themselves.

The sixth skill is set collective objectives. In every team work, it should be reached mutual agreement obtained from the discussion on a matter. It is not about one member who managed to win the game and get a prize, but about how to motivate each other and win together. The last skill is to be a full-time leader. The coach or leader will be dedicated himself to guide and develop his team.

Company can be more than a management of football. It can be more complex in managing and guiding the employee. Swarn the intelligence can be used by the businessman to upgrade their company by setting the role and responsibility in it. This can be insights for collaboration in the workplace to help keep the company floating when others disappear. By learning from Barcelona, we can gather more knowledge for more effective teamwork.

Description: Teamwork skills in the workplace can be adopted from the collaboration skills of a football club like Barcelona FC. It resembles in strategies to develop the company.

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